What to Pack for an Oregon Trip

Planning a trip to Oregon? Below are a few things you will want to include in your packing list to make sure you will be Oregon-ready:

Water-ready gear

Oregon is popularly known for its wet climate a significant amount of days of the year. Even in the midst of a hot summer, it is still a good idea to bring even just a light jacket with you to counter any sudden weather changes.

Other weather-ready apparel also comes useful such as a waterproof jacket shell or light handy raincoat, a waterproof backpack or bag rain cover, and rain-ready shoes like rubber flats. You will also need a trusty hat and a waterproof pouch for your gadgets, money, and other important documents that you’d like to keep dry in case of a downpour. In case you are up for some water activities in the many lakes, beaches, and rivers in this nature-filled state, your gear will keep you protected from the elements.

Insect repellent

Due to the wet climate and the abundant nature that the state of Oregon naturally possesses, you will most likely be definitely tempted to venture out into the mountains for a good old camping trip or an adventurous hike. Adventures like this call for some protection from the abundance of insects that you may encounter. Bug bites are a sure downer for any vacation, so you should bring your favorite insect repellent with you. There are many DEET-free options to choose from, including ones with natural citronella extract which is non-toxic and safe for even the youngest adventurers.

Comfortable shoes

Since there are many places to visit in Oregon, you may be doing a lot of walking around. Many cities offer day tours, and a lot of parks offer hiking trips, so with this, you will need a good pair of walking or hiking shoes. Some comfortable boots that are weather-resistant is a good idea too. If you want something a bit more fashionable to tour the cities’ downtown areas, fancy and stylish ballet flats and handsome loafers may do just the trick.


Refillable water bottle

This is not just a must for Oregon, but for a lot of states of places, you will visit. With Oregon, you will find that there are enough refilling fountains you can get your water from. This way, you are saving a lot of bucks since you will be drinking a lot without having to spend a lot on those convenience-store water bottles, and at the same time, you are doing Oregon’s amazing natural beauty a favour by minimising the trash you generate during your stay simply by bringing your refillable bottle.


Sun protection

Despite the moist weather that Oregon enjoys many days of the year, it still does get quite sunny and even hot during the summer. If you plan to spend some or a lot of your days basking in Oregon’s great outdoors, you better bring out the sunblock. Wetness will not spare you from burns once the clouds clear up and the sun comes out.



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