What to Eat in Oregon

When exploring any place, people tend to ask what food to eat to maximize their visit. A culinary exploration is usually one of the main stars of any vacation. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Oregon anytime soon, below is a list of grubs you should watch out for.

Dungeness crab

These sweet and tender-fleshed grubs of the Northern American seas are a local favorite in Oregon. It is so abundant that in each year, Oregon alone harvests about ten million pounds of these. If you are the adventurous or fishing type of traveler, you could even rent your crab pots and dingy in local stores so you can catch your own. There are stores that help you not just catch but also cook your crabs the way you want them –steamed, buttered, and laced with a squeeze of lemon and a sweet little pinch of salt.

Wild mushrooms

Being the wet and wild terrain that it is, you can expect to find some interesting things when scouring the forest beds. It is worth it to try wild mushrooms at restaurants that offer them in Oregon because you can be assured that it was sourced probably right off the restaurateur’s backyard.

The local chefs have developed their artistry in handling these wild mushrooms. You would be surprised at the flexibility that they possess as they can be found in all courses in many meals –from the hors de oeuvres to the entrees and even tarts and desserts. If you are a mushroom type of person, you will enjoy the fares they can offer.


This is the state’s official nut. Oregon is positively teeming with hazelnuts. In fact, almost all of the commercial hazelnuts in the US are sourced from Oregon. Because of this, you can expect that locals have also grown creative in making hazelnut dishes. Also, Oregon Hazelnut and Salted Caramel ice cream by Tillamook Cheese Factory features this nutty pride of the state and is a tourist attraction by itself. You have not gotten to Oregon unless you have tried their Hazelnut desserts.


Pears are the state fruit and are mostly grown in Salem. That means that pears are quite a staple in the area and pear products are pretty much available all year round. Salt & Straw in Portland, for example, produces the famous Pear and Blue cheese ice cream which can be readily bought by the pint in stores. You can opt for the supermarket option, but if you want to get the most authentic experience of it, you can head to their store and brave the crazy queue.


There is something about biscuits that make it so familiar to Oregon’s lumber history. There was once upon a time when Oregon produced massive quantities of lumber for great North America after the civil wars, during the boom of industrialism.  There is something that is just homey and filling with a buttery hot and freshly baked biscuit, especially if you pair it with some saucy ribs.


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