Top Oregon Destinations for Nature Lovers

Oregon is a dream destination for those who love the great outdoors. Below are a few of the best spots to visit when nature tripping in Oregon:

Crater Lake National Park

This park is a hundred and eighty-three thousand acres vast and contains America’s deepest lake. It also is home to Mount Mazuma which was once the highest mountain in the region until it erupted and depleted during the time of the first inhabitants.

You can visit during the warm and dry seasons –somewhere between June and September –to be able to take advantage of the park’s many trails that may close up during winter or the wet seasons. Hikes, boat trips, and overviews are a few of the most popular activities in the park.

Columbia River Gorge

This breath-taking nature preserve along the Columbia River proudly features an eighty-mile and four thousand feet deep canyon. If you like lush greens with a backdrop of whooshing waterfall, you will enjoy this nature preserve. Hiking along its paths will give you a sense of nature and make you feel one with the environment.

Cannon Beach

This beach is a small coastal city in the north of Oregon. Aside from the vast sandy shores, it is also known for the famous Haystack rock which stands in the middle of the ocean and serves as a seasonal respite for the tufted puffins with their thick red bills and yellow tufts.

Ecola state park in the northern land offers a wonderful view of the vast oceans, numerous little coves, and a lighthouse. If you want to go on a picnic or enjoy swirling tide pools, head down south to Arcadia beach. You can also enjoy a light stroll downtown which sports a few boutiques as well as galleries.

Mount Hood

Climbing, snowboarding, volcano, and hiking –Mount Hood is an adventurer’s destination. It mountain is a potentially active stratovolcano, which makes the hikes all the more thrilling for adventure-seekers since it is the volcano in Oregon that is considered most likely to erupt. It is now considered Oregon’s highest mountain and one of the tallest in the country.

There are twelve named glaciers and snowfields that make this mountain home. Mount Hood national forest is one of the top spots to pick if you want outdoor recreation. It has its ski resort, lodge, and campsites that are perfect for families or groups.

Oregon Dunes

Wind-sculpted sand dunes are usually delegated to somewhere exotic like the Middle East. However, you can find them –forty miles of them right at Oregon. The site is best enjoyed by those who are into off-roading since the dunes make the perfect obstacle course and playground for the most adventurous off-roaders. It is also a great hiking spot for those who want to experience a different type of terrain. Campgrounds are available around the area for those who want to pitch in for the night after a long day’s adventure.

Cascade Locks

Fishing, hiking, and camping usually go perfectly well together. At Cascade Locks, you can enjoy all three at your leisure. You can feel like living right in the outback when you are at the locks.


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