Oregon Cities to Visit

Oregon is home to not just mountains, lakes, creeks, and beaches it has a thriving city life within its cities which boast of different offerings for every type of traveler.


Oregon’s largest city. It is best known for its parks, bridges, bike paths, coffee houses, microbreweries, and overall environment consciousness. That is why bringing around a refillable water bottle or sporting a reusable shopping bag when doing groceries is greatly appreciated and pretty much the norm around here.

Music, theatre, and the arts are simply flourishing in Portland, so you are most definitely going to be entertained. It is like that eccentric, easy-going friend of yours turned into a city. In fact, Portland’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird.”


This city sits on the Columbia River near the Pacific Ocean. It is home to some historical or history-featuring establishments like the Astoria column which is a towering monument which showcases murals that depict the area’s history and panoramic views from the hilltop. There is also the Columbia River Maritime Museum which is housed in a waterfront building as it features a history of fishing, shipping, and naval military.

Another history-inspired edifice is the Flavel house museum which is a Victorian building that features historic furniture, and impressively manicured gardens to make you feel as if you have just been shipped through time. There are plenty more historical features that Astoria has to offer. If you are the type who likes looking back through time, Astoria is a romantic getaway from the modern world.


If you are a fan of marine creatures and birds, Newport proudly boasts the Oregon Coast aquarium which showcases local marine wildlife with its underwater walkways and seabird aviary. Another feature that gives Newport its authentic port-city-like vibe is that it is home to the 1871 Yaquina Bay lighthouse found in the Yaquina bay state park.

The Hatfield Marine Science Centre of Oregon State University in Newport has interactive exhibits that allow visitors to truly experience and appreciate the local marine life of the city, and of the state.


Located in the southern part of Oregon, Ashland is most well known for hosting the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It also features some beautiful ponds, rose gardens, butterfly gardens and themed gardens as well–the perfect venue to read and study Shakespeare indeed.

It also features the Science Works hands-on museum which lets kids build and explore around a depiction of Da Vinci’s workspace. You may be able to say that this city is more of the refined and classic arts and literature type of city.


The capital city of Oregon, Salem is positively filled with beautiful historic mansions that depict the history of the state. The best example perhaps is the Willamette Heritage Centre which contains several 19th-century houses complete with period furniture as well as an actual victoria wool mill. Another example is the Italianate architecture of the Bush house museum which was originally built to be a family home in the 1800s.


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