Historical Landmarks to Check Out in Oregon

While the time machine is yet to be invented, we can always walk back in time with the remnants of the past that our ancestors have left for us. Perhaps that is why historical landmarks are always a fascinating prospect when touring a place such as Oregon.

Peter Iredale Shipwreck

You will not find any leftover booty here, but you will find a ton of history in its place. The remnants of the gigantic Peter Iredale ship on the coast of Oregon near Hammond.

Kin Wah Chung Heritage Site

Historically, when the Oregon trail was opened, some immigrants came from so far east –as far as China. There were Chinese settlers that took part in the history of Oregon. This heritage site is a Chinese apothecary turned museum in John Day that lets you step way back in time to the 1870s.

Lewis and Clark

This national historical park at Fort Clatsop allows you to get a view of American explorers Lewis and Clark’s day-to-day life and living conditions when they once spent an entire winter in this picturesque site.

Tillamook Air Museum

Considered the biggest clear-span wooden structure in the world –it is a simple wonder to behold. This world war two blimp hangar now houses an astounding aviation museum.

End of Oregon Trail Interpretive Centre

This is actually the exact spot where the historic Oregon trail ended. Take a walk through history with the center’s multimedia exhibits. It also features entertaining and educational re-enactments during the diaspora of immigrants from the South and East towards what is now Oregon.

Fort Astoria

Built with full-girth timbres just as you would have seen in period movies, fort Astoria was once the Pacific Fur company’s main trading post. It has a colorful history being the first American owned settlement in Oregon and then the first British port in the Pacific coast.

Timberline Lodge

Situated near the summit of Mount Hood, Timberline Lodge is a safe and cozy respite for skiers and visitors for a hot and hearty meal with a beautiful view of the snowy summit and the surrounding forests. It is listed as a national historic landmark by the US.


The quaint and quiet gold mining town if Jacksonville houses a number Oregon’s oldest buildings. Walking down the streets of Jacksonville feels like walking back in time with the streets lined with old buildings that are similar to those you see in Wild West movies.

Oregon Trail Interpretive Centre

Located near Baker City, this actual historical site offers re-enactments and informative interactions. On top of that, you can fully attest that you are along the Oregon trail because you will see actual ruts made by the actual hundreds of wagons that passed through the trail.

Pittock Mansion

If you have never been inside an actual mansion, this one is open to the public. It was built in the 1900s and is kept the real deal through rigorous and meticulous preservation.



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