Activities To Enjoy In Oregon

There are a number of unique experiences you can encounter in Oregon. Below are some of the top picks that can make your Oregon trip all the more memorable.


Crabbing is an Oregon thing. All you need are a few crabbing pots and a decent little boat to get you started. You will be catching a lot of those Dungeoness crabs that the North is quite popular for. Its sweet and tender flesh is definitely worth the effort to go crabbing, but the act of crabbing itself is a unique and fun experience on its own.

If you do not have the necessary materials to go crabbing, there are quite some places where you can rent them since crabbing is quite a proliferative activity in the area. Beware though, if you do go crabbing, you might be in for some real problem since these coasts are their natural habitat too. To keep them off your business, you can opt for mink or chicken as bait since they are not attracted to these, unlike when you are using bait that had been caught from the sea.

Lastly, make sure you bring a measuring tape or rule to measure the crabs you catch. Only keep the biggest ones you find and release the rest. Catching crabs that are too young can get you in trouble with marine conservation in the state. Catching juvenile crabs also puts the crab population at risk, so it is all for the better to just follow the rules with crabbing.

Food Tripping

Many eats in Oregon boasts of super fresh locally sourced ingredients that come from the state’s backyard. The state is positively teeming with farms, rivers, vineyards, seas, and dairies that make these fresh and excellent ingredients accessible to almost any local establishment.

In Oregon, you can be assured that your food is made with only the best and the freshest. What is more is that you can cut on cost with eating too because food comes with no sales tax. The bounty of the state can be tasted with every plate.

Day Trips and Hiking

Parks and preserved natural areas offer hiking trips that are perfect for the outdoor person. Just make sure to be equipped with the right gear to battle the weather and face the terrain of great North America.

If you are not that into the great outdoors, you can always go for day tours which are offered by various cities in Oregon. They give you tours of historic sites, monuments, museums, parks, and other places of interest that you might find appealing.

Wine Tasting

Since Oregon is positively teeming with farms and wineries, it is one of the best places to visit for wine tasting. There are some companies that offer a wine tasting tour that takes you to the scenic vineyards and offer a great variety of wines to explore. This is a great getaway for amateur wine connoisseurs, friends, or even couples who like to have a deeper appreciation for wine and at the same time explore the beauty of the northern country.


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